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Flag Pole Painters

Painting Flag Poles covering the U.S.A.

Including the Tallest pole in US.

 Lorado Texas   308 Ft high
Raido Towers - Celular Tower - Microwave Tower
Televison Tower - Cell towers - Stadium Light Poles
City Light Poles - Structural steel - Sky Scrapers

Commercial & Industrial Sand Blasting
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Patrick Evje    1 - 877-749-55541 - 877-749-5554        pat@greatwesternpainting.com



 Painting of the Tallest Flag Pole
in U.S.A.

 Lorado Texas  308 ft high

You could see Mexico from our view point



Including other high painting work we provide

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We are a full service Commercial and Industrial Painting Contractor


Patrick Evje    1 - 877-749-55541 - 877-749-5554        pat@greatwesternpainting.com


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